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When law enforcement runs out of leads, where can it turn? CSI Biotechnology! Granted, that’s not a television series … yet. But such a program could be inspired by our cover story, “Cold Cases Heat Up with New Forensic Methods.” This story describes how genome sequencing techniques are getting better at deriving useful information from scant or degraded samples. It also presents Good Cop/Good Cop scenarios in which genome sequencing teams up with forensic genealogy. Finally, it emphasizes the importance of going by the book, or using accountability-enhancing workflow tracking systems. Of course, one story may not satisfy fans of the scientific sleuthing genre. No problem! They can look forward to the launch of Forensic Genomics, a new peer-reviewed journal from Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. In the meantime, the current issue of GEN presents several intriguing investigations. They include articles that could be entitled The Case of the Hidden Drug Target, The Case of the Suboptimal T Cell, and The Case of the Bottomless Nanopore.

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